August 2, 2018
October 19, 2018
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The module works as an intermediator between WHMCS and Xero that allows exporting clients, invoices, payments, transactions either automatically or manually based on selections.It has the ability to map our  WHMCS products, currencies, tax rules, payment method with Xero Account before syncing.

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The module works as an intermediator between WHMCS and Xero that allows exporting clientsinvoicespayments, transactions either automatically or manually based on selections.

We are proud to announce that we have released the next version “Xero for WHMCS v3” that includes several additional features

Xero for WHMCS V3.0 supports syncing payments on both sides. This module’s version comes with more info/dashboard’s widget where it is displayed the number of clients, invoice synced.

It’s totally different regarding its design/layout. that becomes more user-friendly and flexible.

We have a well-explained documentation to set up it here

We’ve put over a year of effort into this add-ons to craft it to be the perfect complement to your existing WHMCS and Xero Account. The Latest Version Xero for WHMCS V3 of this module has rolled out an update that brings the ability to send thousand of clients and invoices on single click in the form of Batches & additional features.


  • Clients/Contacts Exporting
  • Invoices Syncing to Xero ( WHMCS Unpaid Invoices => Xero Authorised Invoices, WHMCS Paid => Xero Paid Invoices)
  • Payments Syncing on both sides ( In the latest version V3)
  • Cancel Invoice handling – If an Invoice is canceled in WHMCS it is voided in Xero (assuming no payment made)
  • Existing Clients, Invoices, and Payment is exported easily using our module.
  • Product Syncing / Invoice Item ( Optional Features – Sending Invoice Description if not product mapping configured by default)
  • Domain Syncing / Xero Tracking Categories ( Optional feature)
  • WHMCS Product Group Syncing / Xero Tracking Categories
  • WHMCS Payment Gateway mapping with Xero Bank Accounts
  • WHMCS Tax Rules Mapping with Xero Tax ( Default No Tax applied) && supports Basic UK book-keeping (including VAT and MOSS)
  • Works with EU Vat Add-on
  • WHMCS Currency Mapping with Xero Currency Mapping ( Optional features – it can be synced with a default currency by default )
  • Smart Syncing – Thousand of existing invoices and clients is synced using Batches process.
  • Logs – A proper logs management where we can find the reason of not synced data so we can correct it and send them again.
  • Free Installation Services + Free support for 1 Year
  • 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee
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